Sign your compromise
without paying a deposit


Complete our form and accept the terms of our surety contract to guarantee your solvency during your purchase


Our surety certificate will be send to the notary or to the real estate agency, you do not pay a deposit during the compromise


You’ll sign the sales agreement in front of the notary or the agency without having to pay the 10% of the purchase price of the property.


The buyer does not pay a deposit of 10% of the purchase price for the signing of the compromise. We stand behind the seller until the final sale of the property.

No deposit blocked
Tenant risk profile

THE SELLER is covered up to 10%

As a guarantor, we protect the seller from any risk of cancellation of the sale between the signing of the compromise and the final act of sale.


Our tools allow us to offer a fully online subscription process in just a few minutes.

& gt; Obtain your buyer guarantee


Property rental

Facilitate sales

The buyer can commit without blocking 10% of the purchase price of the property. Having no funds to pay, the buyer will be able to sign the sales agreement more quickly.

Real estate guarantee

Carry the financial risk

We discharge the buyer and reassure the seller concerning the deposit of 10% of the price to be guaranteed as part of the sales agreement signed between the parties.

Tenant support

Responsive online support

One of the added values ​​of our services is our immediate reactivity, independent of the support chosen to contact us. The concern for customer service is part of our DNA

Digital insurance

100% digital application

Our fundamentals are digital. We make maximum use of what information technology and networks can provide to simplify our service mission.

The buyer guarantee is a guarantee provided by the future buyer of a property for the benefit of the seller as part of the signing of the sales agreement. This guarantee allows the seller to be covered in the event of cancellation of the sale by the buyer

The operation of the buyer guarantee upon signing the sales agreement is fairly simple.

The law does not require the payment of a deposit when signing the sales agreement for a property. However, the custom is to pay between 5% and 10% of the final amount of the sale when signing the compromise.