Property rental

Maximum security

The rental guarantee provided by offers the lessor the same guarantees and has the same value as a bank deposit.

Real estate guarantee

Credit check

Our checks make it possible to estimate the solvency of the future tenant and to identify the solvency risks attached to each tenant.

Tenant deposit

Quick release of funds ensures the release of the rental guarantee amounts as quickly as possible in the event of a claim.

Rental management

Disaster management

As a surety, we are directly concerned and involved in the management of claims during the term of the lease contract.

Tenant support

Dedicated support

Our team offers immediate responsiveness to our customers' requests. Our support is organized to assist donors. Customer service is in our DNA

Digital insurance

Coverage insured

The rental guarantee coverage is maintained even in the event of non-payment of the premium by the tenant.

Yes indeed. The bond offered has the same level of security and guarantees as any bank guarantee obtained from a financial institution. We are in the process of obtaining authorization from the Financial Services and Markets Authority in Belgium (FSMA), which contributes to the honest and fair treatment of consumers of financial and insurance services.

The amount of the maximum rental guarantee payable by the lessor differs according to the Belgian regions. In recent years, each region has implemented its own regulations which legally overlap with the federal rules set by the law on rents.

Brussels and Wallonia have defined their own rules concerning residential leases and the amount of the rental guarantee in 2018. Flanders legally defined its own rules on housing rental in 2019.

The main difference between the regional rules concerns the maximum amount payable by the lessor in the case of a rental guarantee constituted on a blocked bank account:

As part of a rental guarantee in Brussels, the lessor can demand a maximum blocked amount of 2 months rent;
Regarding a rental guarantee in Wallonia, the rule also defines the maximum amount payable at 2 months’ rent;
It is for the rental guarantee in Flanders that the federal rules have changed the most, the lessor can demand up to 3 months of rent since January 1, 2020.
In the context of a bank guarantee, the historical federal rules have not changed, the amount of the rental guarantee is 3 months’ rent for the rented property, regardless of the region of Belgium where the property is located.