Property rental

Maximum security

The rental guarantee provided by offers the lessor the same guarantees and has the same value as a bank deposit.

Real estate guarantee

Credit check

Our checks make it possible to estimate the solvency of the future tenant and to identify the solvency risks attached to each tenant.

Tenant support

Dedicated support

Our team offers immediate responsiveness to our customers' requests. Our support is organized to assist donors. Customer service is in our DNA

Digital insurance

Coverage insured

The rental guarantee coverage is maintained even in the event of non-payment of the premium by the tenant.

More informations

The guarantee covers the payment of all sums (capital, interest, costs and accessories) that the Tenant owes or could owe to the Lessor due to the poor performance of the Lease up to the amount of the rental guarantee.

Yes indeed. The bond offered has the same level of security and guarantees as any bank guarantee obtained from a financial institution.

We are also registered as an insurance broker with the Financial Services and Markets Authority in Belgium (FSMA), which contributes to the honest and fair treatment of consumers of financial and insurance services.

As part of a amount blocked by the tenant, the law sets the amount of the maximum rental guarantee payable by the lessor from 2 to 3 months depending on the different Belgian regions.

With respect to our financial guarantee, just like with a bank guarantee, the historical federal rules have not changed. The amount of the rental guarantee can go up to a maximum of 3 months rent, regardless of the region of Belgium where the property is located.

The tenant makes his request online on in a few minutes. Then our team validates the file within a few hours and sends the tenant a payment link. Once the tenant has made the payment, the rental guarantee certificate is immediately issued and sent to the landlord.

The entire procedure takes from 1 hour to a few hours depending on the responsiveness of the tenant to provide his personal supporting documents.

No, the tenant cannot terminate his rental guarantee without the prior and joint agreement of the lessor. A standard termination form is provided to the tenant when subscribing.

GARANTIR financial company guarantees the tenant. It guarantees the lessor of the solvency of the lessee up to the amount indicated on the guarantee certificate issued. Garantir has a benefit of discussion, in the sense that Garantir intervenes only after the lessor has first attempted to obtain compensation directly from the tenant and this, without success.

In the event of presentation of an enforceable judicial decision and the finding of insolvency of the tenant, GARANTIR will pay the lessor the debts due due to the poor performance of the lease contract by the tenant. Its sums will be paid up to all or part of the amount of the guaranteed rental guarantee.

The guarantee certificate and commitment for the benefit of the lessor remain valid until the end of the lease, regardless of the delays or difficulties of payment towards Garantir on the part of the tenant.

The lessor retains his financial guarantee even if the tenant has a payment incident for his deposit premium.