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The surety bond is a contract that allows a natural or legal person to stand surety for the payment of another person’s debt in the event that they do not pay by themselves. The guarantor of the debt is called the “surety”. This commitment to pay the debt is an accessory element of the basic contract which binds the principal debtor and his creditor. 

The tenant of a property must guarantee his lessor that he will be able to financially honor the commitments made under the rental lease. To meet these commitments, he undertakes to provide a rental guarantee, the amount of which is stipulated in the lease contract signed between the parties.

To guarantee the lessor up to the amount of the guarantee stipulated in the lease, the lessee can appeal to the financial guarantee company GARANTIR which publishes the general public website GUARANTIR undertakes to the tenant under a surety bond to guarantee the debts arising from the lease contract up to the amount of the rental guarantee.

The buyer of real estate must guarantee the seller that he will be able financially to pay the price of the property. When signing the sales agreement, the seller asks the buyer to pay a deposit of up to 10% of the final price of the property. This deposit reassures the seller of the buyer’s desire to make the final sale.

As part of this guarantee provided by the deposit paid when signing the sales agreement, the buyer can call for a surety such as the company GARANTIR editor of the website to be guaranteed up to the amount of the deposit to be paid.

GUARANTIR stands surety for the buyer and guarantees the seller that the 10% deposit will be paid in the event of default by the buyer during the final sale of the property.