Rental guarantee online

Complete our form to obtain your rental guarantee in a few hours. You take out a rental financial guarantee with our guarantee fund to cover the financial commitments of the rental lease.

You do not block money because we operate as a bank guarantee. We guarantee your solvency with the lessor, you do not replenish the amount of the guarantee, you only pay the surety fees each year. Our surety allows not block money for the duration of the rental lease.

How it works

Rental guarantee

The tenant makes his request online. The lessor receives the guarantee certificate during the day.

At the end of the lease contract

The lessor and the tenant carry out the contradictory inventory. The two parties determine the amount of any repairs for the restoration of the accommodation. The tenant settles his debts to the lessor.

If the tenant is unable to pay, the lessor can call on our financial guarantee in the same way as he would have released a rental guarantee blocked with a banking establishment.

5 steps to apply

It is now possible to obtain a rental guarantee online. The rental guarantee contract is taken out on the Internet and the process is 100% digital.

The tenant takes out his surety bond online with the financial company GARANTIR (editor of the website In the event that the GARANTIR company agrees to stand surety, it sends the rental surety certificate to the lessor by email.

The online rental deposit contract subscription process is done entirely on the Internet. The tenant can follow the progress of his deposit request in his customer account area on

The rental guarantee subscribed online works in the same way as a rental guarantee set up in a bank branch. The fact of taking out the guarantee online on the Internet does not change the basic rules of operation.

The guarantee commitment towards the lessor can only be terminated with the agreement of the lessor.

The tenant does not block funds to sign the lease contract, we guarantee the amount and we charge him an annual fee for our bond. The tenant does not replenish the amount, he just pays the surety fees every year.

The GARANTIR company stands surety for the financial commitments of the lease on behalf of the tenant. The amount of the surety fee is proportional to the amount of the rental guarantee: The annual deposit fee represents 6% of the amount of the rental guarantee, with a minimum amount of € 96 per year.

For example : For a rental guarantee of 2,000 €, the tenant will pay 10 € per month of surety costs (in annual payment) so that the lessor is guaranteed for his solvency up to 2,000 €. The tenant can cancel the deposit at any time by blocking the € 2,000 rental guarantee with a bank and obtaining the agreement of the lessor.

The online application does not change the amount of the rental guarantee. The maximum amount authorized as a rental guarantee is set by the law on rents and the housing code of each of the three administrative regions in Belgium. For more information you can consult our pages on:

Regarding the guarantee service offered by, as a financial guarantee it is possible for the lessor to ask for up to 3 months of rent as a guarantee. Usually, the lessor asks for 2 months of rental guarantee in Brussels and in Wallonia, as authorized by the law as much as possible within the framework of a guarantee constituted by funds blocked by the tenant.

The rental guarantee must be constituted before the signing of the lease for the rental of a property. The rental guarantee certificate is produced by the bank, or any other body responsible for certifying the guarantees provided by the tenant.The signing of the lease contract by the parties takes place when the rental guarantee is constituted and the inventory of fixtures has been made.

As part of an online rental guarantee deposit signed on, the rental guarantee certificate is issued immediately after validation of the tenant’s request. The time taken to obtain the rental guarantee is therefore sometimes barely a few hours. The certificate issued is sent directly to the lessor of the rental property.

As part of an online rental guarantee taken out on, the tenant does not pay the amount of the rental guarantee. The GARANTIR company (financial guarantee company) guarantees the tenant to the lessor without the tenant blocking the guarantee funds of the rental lease contract. On the other hand, the tenant pays each year financial costs linked to the existence of this rental surety.