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Rental guarantee

The tenant makes his request online. The lessor receives the guarantee certificate during the day.

Tenant risk profile

THE LESSOR reduces His risks

As a guarantor, we check the solvency of the tenant and support the lessor in the management of any claims with perfect responsiveness.


The tenant doesn’t blocked funds into a bank account. We are joint as your guarantor with the lessor throughout the duration of the lease.

Money deposit

OUR commitments

Property rental

Facilitate rentals

The tenant can commit without having to block 25% of the annual rent. Having no blocked funds, the tenant will more easily be able to pay the rent.

Real estate guarantee

Monitor solvency

Our management tools allow us to estimate the solvency of a future tenant and to identify solvency risks during the course of the lease.

Tenant deposit

Bear the financial risk

We discharge the tenant and reassure the owner when the financial risk that weighs on the lease contract signed between the parties is borne.

Rental management

Claims management

As the financial party to the contract, we are directly concerned and involved in the management of claims during the term of the lease contract.

Tenant support

Responsive online support

One of the added values ​​of our services is our immediate reactivity, independent of the support chosen to contact us. The concern for customer service is part of our DNA

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Our fundamentals are digital. We make maximum use of what information technology and networks can provide to simplify our service mission.

Discover the rental guarantee

The rental guarantee is a guarantee provided by a tenant for the benefit of his lessor as part of the lease contract that they sign together. This security allows the lessor to guarantee himself in the event of breach by the lessee of one of his obligations in the lease contract.

The rental guarantee can take several forms which we present to you below. We also detail how it works and its maximum amount depending on the region.

You can get your rental guarantee online. There are several forms of guarantees that the tenant can request on the Internet. The most interesting offer is the guarantee formula we offer, which saves you from having to block funds in a bank account.

The rental guarantee paid into a blocked account

This is the most common form of rental guarantee in Belgium. The tenant opens a dedicated account with his bank where he pays the amount of the rental guarantee requested by the lessor. In exchange, the bank produces a certificate to be provided to the lessor upon signing the lease.

This account is blocked for the duration of the lease and can only be released by mutual agreement of the lessor and the tenant at the end of the lease or by court decision.

The main banks offering this dedicated rental guarantee account system in Belgium are listed here:

It is also possible to pay these funds to the deposit fund using the e-DEPO guarantee service offered free of charge by the Public Ministry of Finance .

Bank guarantee

The bank guarantee is provided by the tenant’s bank. This is the bank that manages the account into which the tenant’s income is paid. The bank engages on behalf of its client by vouching for its client the tenant for the benefit of the lessor.

It is in fact a rental guarantee loan. This loan is however interest-free for the bank.

The bank cannot refuse to provide this guarantee to its customer on the grounds of solvency. In return, the tenant undertakes to reconstitute the total amount of this guarantee before the end of the initial term of the lease (maximum 3 years). The tenant must organize himself to collect his professional income from an account opened with the same bank.

If the tenant stops the regular guarantee reconstitution payments with his bank, the bank can demand the full and immediate reconstitution of the rental guarantee by the tenant.

The bank guarantee with the CPAS

The CPAS is the Public Center for Social Action. There is a CPAS in every municipality or city in Belgium, all people who do not have sufficient means of subsistence can benefit from social assistance from the CPAS.

Within the framework of the CPAS rental guarantee , the tenant who does not have sufficient means must contact the CPAS of his municipality. The CPAS supports it in obtaining a bank guarantee based on the commitment of the CPAS.

Rental surety indexed to an insurance contract

In the context of a rental guarantee established with an insurance company, the principle is simple: the tenant takes out a life insurance contract and pays the amount of the rental guarantee into it. The broker who organizes the operation produces the certificate to the lessor to assure him that the rental guarantee has been established. The funds are blocked and placed on a life insurance contract. Interest capitalized in connection with the investment is paid into the insurance contract.

The release of the rental guarantee can only take place with the joint agreement of the lessor and the tenant, or by court decision. When the rental guarantee is released, the tenant receives capitalized interest.

The most common contract in Belgium is the Korfine rental guarantee .

The rental surety guaranteed by a guarantor

The deposit is possible within the framework of a rental guarantee. The tenant’s deposit can come from a close surety or from a financial institution.
The tenant can obtain a deposit from a natural person such as a friend or a relative.

It is also possible to obtain a deposit from an insurance company or a financial institution.

The tenant pays in exchange for the deposit an annual premium indexed to the guaranteed amount. The huge advantage for the tenant is that they don’t have to block funds to get the collateral. We offer this opportunity to obtain a rental guarantee quickly and without blocking funds.

The operation of the guarantee provided at the signing of the lease is quite simple, it is detailed as follows:

Constitution of the guarantee

The tenant must first of all constitute his rental guarantee. There are several ways of doing it, the main modes of constitution are:

  • Block funds in a dedicated own account
  • Obtain a bank guarantee from the bank
  • Obtain a rental deposit from a guarantor

The amount of the guarantee payable by the lessor is limited by law in Belgium. The housing code of each of the 3 administrative regions defines the legal limit of the amount payable for the rental guarantee.

Guarantee certificate

Once the guarantee has been established, the establishment which notes the existence of the rental guarantee produces a rental guarantee certificate which is sent to the lessor of the rental property.

This guarantee certificate is used to certify to the lessor that the tenant has constituted his rental guarantee before signing the rental lease.

Use of the rental guarantee

Funds blocked or bonded to serve as collateral are used to cover the financial commitments of the rental lease that the tenant has not honored. To obtain the funds or the payment of the deposit, the lessor must first take legal action against the lessee and make the judgment obtained enforceable.

Release of the rental deposit

The blocking of funds or the surety commitments end at the end of the rental lease commitments. When the lease has ended and the lessor does not present any unpaid claim, the rental guarantee can be released. To obtain the release of the rental guarantee, the tenant must complete a request for restitution, which must be co-signed by the tenant and the lessor.

The federal rules resulting from the law on rents have been replaced at the level of each region in Belgium by their own legislation. In fact, in 2018 for Brussels and Wallonia, then in 2019 for Flanders, each of the regions defined its own rules in terms of residential leases and therefore the amount of the rental guarantee.

The maximum legally authorized amount for the rental guarantee is different according to the type of rental guarantee and also according to the 3 regions in Belgium:

  • In the context of a simple bank guarantee or a bank guarantee facilitated by the CPAS, the amount of the rental guarantee is 3 months’ rent for the leased property, regardless of the region of Belgium where the property is located.
  • As part of a rental guarantee established on a blocked account:

The commitments of the tenant covered by the rental guarantee are defined in the lease agreement between the tenant and the lessor. The lease contract can be drawn up in several ways, it can provide that:

The rental guarantee covers all the obligations

If the lease agreement indicates that the rental guarantee covers “ all the obligations ” of the tenant, then all the commitments of the rental agreement are covered by the guarantee. The lessor can use the rental guarantee to finance:

  • Unpaid rents
  • Unpaid rental charges
  • Rental damage
  • Any other unfulfilled financial commitment.

The rental guarantee is limited to rental damage

In some cases the lease contract may provide for limiting the scope of the rental guarantee to rental damage only. The guarantee provided by the tenant can therefore only be called to protect the lessor of the rental property for rental damage that the tenant would cause during the term of the lease. The lessor therefore ensures that the lessee will be able to pay when it becomes necessary to repair the damage in the leased property.

In this case, the lessor will not be able to use the guarantee in the context of non-payment of rent.

The time limit for providing a rental guarantee varies. The deadline depends on the type of guarantee and on the third party to which the tenant applies to stand surety. Here are the estimated times for the main mechanisms for obtaining a rental guarantee:

Deadlines for a guarantee on an individualized bank account

All banks in Belgium offer this individualized account service designated as rental guarantee. Each bank has its own deadline for opening an account. Some banks offer an online subscription form, but the manual review of a bank account manager is then necessary to open a new account.

Whether the process can be initiated online or whether the tenant needs to go to an agency, a minimum of a few days should generally be allowed to obtain an individual rental guarantee account with a bank.

During periods of confinement due to COVID-19, these deadlines have been considerably lengthened due to the increased difficulty of reaching an interlocutor in an agency.

Deadlines for an e-DEPO guarantee

Opening a file online on e-DEPO requires following the steps defined by the Federal public service online. Some information, such as your donor identification code, can be difficult and slow down the process. In general, this rental guarantee obtained on e-DEPO will take you a week to be constituted;

Time limits for a bank guarantee

Getting a bank to act as guarantor for a tenant by issuing a bank guarantee requires the bank to instruct a deposit request file.

The bank is asked to act as guarantor on behalf of the tenant and therefore the bank. The tenant must put together a file that presents the bank’s solvency situation. The constitution of this file then its instruction within the bank requires a longer period than within the framework of a rental guarantee constituted on an individual account.

The tenant must among other things prove that he will be able to reconstitute the amount of the guarantee by monthly payments in maximum 3 years.

Obtaining a bank guarantee generally takes several weeks.

Time limits for a guarantee by a third party surety

When the rental guarantee is based on a surety bond, it is the process of obtaining this surety which determines the time required for the production of the guarantee.

For example, if the guarantee comes from a relative, it must contain the solvency file of this relative to be presented to the lessor for acceptance of the deposit.

Another example, if the deposit is obtained from an insurance company, the latter will also have a deposit request process to follow.

In the context of obtaining a deposit as a rental guarantee, the period to be expected is at least 1 week, and can take up to several weeks.

Delivery times on

This solution offers the fastest time to obtain an online rental guarantee.

You can get your rental guarantee in few hour.

The rental guarantee is one of the mandatory documents to be provided in the context of the signing of the rental lease for a property. It is customary to provide the rental guarantee certificate before signing the lease, at the same time as the home insurance which is commonly called fire insurance in Belgium.

If the rental guarantee is constituted by the payment of the sum on an individualized and blocked account with a bank, it will be necessary to issue the transfer of the sum several days before the scheduled date of signature of the lease contract. This period will allow the bank to note the arrival of the amount on the blocked account and to issue the rental guarantee. Then the certificate of the constitution of the guarantee will be sent by the bank to the lessor by mail and / or email.

There are several types of aid in Belgium to facilitate obtaining a rental guarantee. These aids are reserved for people with insufficient financial resources.

Aid is offered at regional level in Belgium. The support of the Brussels-Capital region are mainly offered by the Housing Fund and the Fund Brugal.

It is now possible to obtain an early release of funds blocked under the rental guarantee. To understand everything about this new opportunity, you can consult our page on the release of the rental guarantee. You will discover our service offer and understand how to recover your funds blocked in the bank until now for the rental guarantee.

On it is possible to obtain a financial guarantor as a self-employed person. The process of checking the file of the applicant for a rental guarantee is not restricted according to the professional status of the tenant. The self-employed can claim to obtain a rental guarantee deposit contract in a few clicks.