Rental guarantee
e-DEPO of FPS Finance


With the e-DEPO application, you make up your deposit with the Fund deposits and Consignment. The e-DEPO service can be found in your MyMinfin access, where you deposit your rental guarantee.


The rental guarantee is one of the mandatory documents to be provided when signing the rental lease for a property. It is customary to provide the rental guarantee certificate before signing the lease, at the same time as home insurance, which in Belgium is commonly called fire insurance.

If the rental guarantee is constituted by the payment of the sum on an individualized and blocked account with a bank, it will be necessary to issue the transfer of the sum several days before the scheduled date of signature of the lease contract. This period will allow the bank to note the arrival of the amount on the blocked account and to issue the rental guarantee. Then the certificate of the constitution of the guarantee will be sent by the bank to the lessor by mail and / or email.