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Your rental guarantee on myMINFIN

With the e-DEPO application, you make up your deposit with the Fund deposits and Consignment. The e-DEPO service can be found in your MyMinfin access, where you deposit your rental guarantee.

e-DEPO Rental guarantee
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Rental guarantee without bank deposit

You are on We are a private financial surety company. We offer a service allowing you to obtain a rental guarantee without blocking funds in the bank.

More information on e-DEPO

The paragraphs below give you more information on the rental guarantee service e-DEPO Myminfin

e-DEPO is the online application of the deposit and consignment office in Belgium. the e-DEPO application on the Internet allows individuals to deposit funds securely with the deposit and consignment office.

Access to the e-DEPO application is only possible via the Internet. To access e-DEPO, you must first identify yourself on MyMinfin, the SPF Finances portal on the Internet.

Once identified and connected to your secure space, simply follow the e-depo process application to create a space in your digital safe and deposit your funds there.

The amount blocked on e-DEPO depends on the guarantee you want to provide. You choose the amount you want to deposit through the e-DEPO application.

The rental guarantee file can be created online in a few minutes. The funds must then be paid in to obtain the certificate of deposit of funds.

The rental guarantee must be constituted before the signing of the rental lease. It is therefore necessary to plan to deposit funds on e-DEPO at least a few days before the date of signature of the rental lease.