Release of your

You can release your rental guarantee at any time during the rental lease in 3 steps:


Take out a deposit online on our website for the amount of your rental guarantee


The lessor will receive the certificate directly to cover the amount of your rental guarantee


You can then release the blocked funds for the rental guarantee with your bank

The tenant no longer blocks money

The tenant no longer blocks funds in a bank account because we guarantee to the lessor for the duration of the lease. The tenant can thus release his rental guarantee in advance.

Rental guarantee release form

The release of the rental guarantee corresponds to the process of extinguishing the guarantees provided by the tenant to the lessor of his rental accommodation. The tenant recovers the funds blocked in a bank account since the beginning of the rental lease, this is called the release of the rental guarantee.

You must first contact the financial institution that blocked the rental guarantee funds. To release the funds blocked under the rental guarantee, you must provide a release form signed by both parties to the lease contract: the lessor and the tenant. The rental guarantee can only be released and released by the tenant with the agreement of the landlord.

The rental guarantee is released in several stages:

  • Obtaining the agreement of the lessor to release the rental guarantee
  • Complete the form for releasing blocked funds on the rental guarantee dedicated account
  • Receipt of funds to the bank account provided on the rental guarantee release form

The time period for obtaining the release of funds blocked under the rental guarantee depends on the bank with which you blocked the funds. Most banking institutions release the funds within a few weeks if you provide all of the documents required for release.

The release of funds blocked in the bank under the rental guarantee can be done in advance. To release the funds now, while the lease is not over, here are the very simple steps to follow:

  • Take out a deposit on our website by clicking on request a rental guarantee
  • Replace your rental guarantee with our deposit with the lessor
  • Obtain from the bank the release of funds blocked since the signing of the rental lease

Rental guarantee release model

Here is a model letter that the tenant and the lessor can use to jointly formulate a request for the release of the amounts blocked under the rental guarantee.

This letter template is quite simple. Certain financial institutions may request some additional information or supporting documents to be attached to the request for the release of the blocked sums.

Most of the time, the tenant and the landlord will have to attach a copy of their identity document to authenticate the mail.

Rental guarantee release model