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Discover the FORTIS rental GUARANTEE

The web page below gives you general information on the rental guarantee with the BNPPARIBAS FORTIS Bank. For more information, click on the link to contact BNPPARIBAS FORTIS.

Fortis bank rental guarantee

rental guarantee WITHOUT bank deposit

You are on the website. We are a private financial company. We offer a service to obtain a rental guarantee without blocking funds in the bank.

More information on BNPPARIBAS Fortis

The following paragraphs give you detailed information on the rental guarantee of Banque FORTIS.

As seen above, the BNP PARIBAS Fortis bank offers future tenants the opportunity to open an account to block the amount of the rental guarantee. This service offer is very different from another service of the BNP PARIBAS Fortis bank, which is the Fortis Bank Guarantee.

Fortis bank does offer several bank guarantee services, including a bank guarantee contract in the context of a real estate lease. As part of a bank guarantee , BNP PARIBAS Fortis undertakes to pay a guaranteed amount on your behalf if you are not able to honor your obligations as a tenant with regard to the lessor.

It is possible to obtain the early release of funds blocked under the rental guarantee before the end of the rental lease. To recover funds blocked in the bank with BNP PARIBAS Fortis, read our article on releasing the rental guarantee.