You are on the GARANTIE.BE website, we offer an online service allowing you to obtain a Rental Guarantee without blocking funds in the bank.

The web page below gives you information on the rental guarantee with Korfine. For more information, for any subscription or release of a rental deposit, you must contact KORFINE by email by clicking on this link or by phone by dialing 056 21 61 82.

Korfine rental guarantee

What is Korfine?
Korfine is a Belgian insurance broker with a strong presence on the Belgian real estate market. Korfine is approved by the FSMA and distributes insurance products to tenants or real estate lessors.

What is the Korfine rental guarantee?
The Korfine company offers a range of services within the framework of the rental guarantee. Indeed, as an insurance broker, Korfine offers the tenant the possibility of placing the rental guarantee within a life insurance capitalization contract.

How does the Korfine rental guarantee work?
The tenant pays the amount of the rental guarantee to Korfine, which establishes a certificate of blocking of the rental deposit to the lessor. The rental guarantee is therefore regularly constituted and blocked at the signing of the lease with this trusted financial third party.

What type of contract does Korfine offer?
The funds are placed in a life insurance contract distributed by the insurance brokerage firm Korfine. The Korfine contract offers a capital guarantee and an interest rate fixed at the start of the contract for 9 years.

How much does the placement at Korfine earn?
The last rate in force, offered from July 1, 2019 by Korfine as part of this capitalization contract was 0.10% of blocked funds per year. So for example for € 1,000 blocked, the capitalized interest amounts to € 1.

What are the conditions for releasing the Korfine rental guarantee?
The conditions for releasing the rental guarantee are the same as when it is constituted on an individual bank account. The funds can only be released if the tenant and landlord agree jointly, or in the presence of an enforceable judgment.

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