KBC rental guarantee

Discover the guarantee.be service in a simplified way through the comparison with the KBC rental guarantee


Discover the KBC rental guarantee

The following paragraphs provide you with detailed information on the rental guarantee from KBC Bank.

KBC is one of the main banks in Belgium, active in the banking sector of course, but also in insurance. It is the second largest bancassurance in Belgium. The bank is active in several other European countries, such as Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The KBC group is geographically organized in Belgium and Europe through subsidiaries. In Belgium, there are different brands of the group depending on the communities:

  • The KBC brand is present in Flanders and in the German-speaking Community of Belgium;
  • The KBC Brussels branch is present through its branches only in Brussels;
  • The CBC Banque & Assurance part is geared towards the Belgian French community except Brussels;


With nearly 11 million customers in Europe, including more than 3.5 million in Belgium, KBC bank offers a wide range of financial services and products.

The principle of constituting a rental guarantee has been put in place to protect the owner in the context of breaches by his tenants of the commitments of the rental lease. This guarantee covers the financial risks associated with the rental. It is mentioned in the law on residential leases, but it is not compulsory. However, the rental deposit is required in most residential leases. To find out if your lease contract is subject to a rental guarantee, all you need to do is read it and find out how the tenant’s commitments are guaranteed.

The law provides that the rental deposit can be provided by blocking the sum of money in an individual bank account. KBC bank offers this service in Belgium for opening a dedicated bank account for the rental guarantee. The individualized account opened with the KBC bank to house the amount of the guarantee is in the name of the tenant. It will be blocked until the end of the lease or until the prior agreement of the two tenant / lessor parties to release the rental guarantee with the KBC bank.

It is now possible to obtain a release of the funds blocked in your KBC account before the end of the rental agreement. To recover the funds blocked within KBC under the rental guarantee, read our article on releasing the rental guarantee.